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Welcome to my Blog!

Welcome to my food blog! I will be cooking some recipes, trying some I have found, and show off some tasty food I have discovered at restaurants. I hope you enjoy the recipes you see and the pictures I take!
My name is Chris Hunnicutt, and I come from a small town called Kennedy in Alabama. Firstly, I am a pastor. I pastor a church called Fellowship Baptist in Vernon, Alabama. It is my first calling in life. I love God, love people, and love serving them. 
My second passion is cooking. I love to cook for people. I believe it is my love language. I love to go outside the box and try something new.
I have a wonderful wife, Brittany, and our adopted daughter, Kelly. We are a crazy bunch, but we can't live without each other. My wife is a full time housewife, and home school teacher to Kelly. She keeps me organized and on point!

If you get a chance, subscribe to my blog! I update often with yummy food, reviews, and personal experiences in life.
"The Pastor Chef"

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